Eye to eye with a Great Horned Owl.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Our Awesome Neighbors

We have some new neighbors for awhile this summer. They're not very noisy but can be very busy and active - mostly during the day. Once the sun goes down, they are the epitome of good neighbors.

We're enjoying keeping an eye on their development and if you care to see a bit more of it feel free to click here for little movie of a day in the lives of....

Sunday, July 21, 2013

We're supposed to swim in this lake??

If you missed my post on Facebook, here's a link to a fun little video I got yesterday while we were on the lake doing the Annual Loon Count. 

Snapping Turtles at "play".

We also managed to spot six loons, but all adults - no chicks this year. Probably had nests washed out by the high water.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Adirondack Chairs on Homepage

Adirondack Chair Nursery

Another week has whizzed by and it's time to put up a new homepage image. This one is from a little earlier this year. I was walking past the workshop of a friend who was, obviously, getting toward the end of producing a nice set of Adirondack Chairs. The way they were stacked neatly yet somewhat randomly attracted my attention as well as the starkness of the forms. I think the whole arrangement might have seemed less interesting if the back row, the chairs with the uneven backs, were perfectly situated like the chairs on the left. But tilted at their various angles, they provide a good visual counterbalance and accentuate their unfinished state.

If you're looking for Pendragon show photos, check the archive list to the right.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Pendragon Show pics- "Aladdin"

Chris McGovern as the Evil Magician in "Aladdin" exalts about finally getting his greedy clutches on the magic lamp.

"Aladdin" is Pendragon's production for young audiences, both in age and in heart, for the summer season and will be playing at intervals throughout the summer.

Click here to see more photos from "Aladdin".

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Pendragon Show pics- "Doubt"

"Doubt" just opened this past week at Pendragon Theater to extremely satisfied audiences. They will have more performances this week and then take a brief hiatus while "A Streetcar Named Desire" takes the Pendragon stage.

Pendragon's got a dynamite season underway and anyone who can should make every effort to catch all of the shows. Click on this link to see more pictures from last week's performance of "Doubt".

AND stay tuned to this blog site to get links to pictures of ALL of Pendragon's shows. "Sports" went up yesterday, "Aladdin" will soon follow, as will "Dirty Blonde", and once "Streetcar" gets up there will be pics from there.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Pendragon show pics - "Sports"

Pendragon's production of the zany "The Complete World of Sports" will be airing for the final time this week. The above three crazy dudes (Stu Rutan, Matt Sorenson and Dylan Duffy) rip through the entire history of sports (according to them) in a fractured dash. It's great fun and fine entertainment - just don't expect anything deep or mentally stimulating.

Pictures from a performance of the show a week or so ago can be found here.

Let your friends know starting now they will be able to find links to Pendragon shows right here on my blog. More to come. (www.burdetteparks.blogspot.com)

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Dunaway Mirage

Homepage photo for the week beginning July 13.

Maybe readers familiar with Saranac Lake will understand the title of this image, but I doubt if other will. So let me explain.

This, as I'm sure you recognize, is a building reflected on moving water. It's taken from the bridge on Main Street in downtown Saranac Lake on a lovely, sunny day -- actually it was taken as I strolled through town during the June Art Walk. The building is now pretty much derelict, but in its hay-day it was the site of a local bar and eatery named "Dew Drop Inn". The title of the photo derives from the fact that during the summers of 1960 and 61 a lovely, young blonde girl worked there as a waitress. Her sojourn at the restaurant has become a favorite tid-bit of town lore. The young lady went from the Dew Drop Inn to Hollywood and made a name for herself in them thar moving picture shows. Her name was Faye Dunaway. And so time passes, as the water that flows under the bridge and past the old Dew Drop Inn.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Saranac Lake Summer finally arrives

After what seemed like an endless succession of cloudy, cool, rainy weather, it seems that summer has finally arrived in the Adirondacks. Water levels remain high throughout the region with dangers of flash flooding persisting anytime there is another passing shower. Water on Middle Saranac is at levels more consistent with spring thaw and are waaaaay above anything like a norm for the middle of July.

But the clouds seem to have parted, at least momentarily, and the sun has reappeared. Rumor has it this unusual circumstance may even continue for several days in a row. We can only hope. On the plus side, we not dealing with the problems they're having out west. It's just an amazing pattern of extreme weather - but, of course, nothing out of the ordinary.... right?