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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

2013 Travel Dispatch # 29 (Queensland)

This is a "makeup" exercise for the travel posts. Right after we got off the dive boat we rented a car and spent the next day on a drive up the coast from Cairns to Port Douglas and the beginnings of the Daintree Rainforest. As usual, I took quite a few pictures. But that night as I was transferring, supposedly, my files to the computer I thoughtlessly skipped a step and formatted the card before I had actually uploaded them to the computer. I said a few things best not repeated and spent a few hours attempting to resurrect the files to no avail. I was discouraged and not just a little P-Oed, but I didn't loose heart completely. I locked the card, tucked it away and decided to deal with it when we got home. Which I did and with the happy result of being able finally to retrieve the errant photo files.

So, I get to abuse you once more with more travel pics from our mega trip. As I mentioned, these shots are from a day when we visited Port Douglas (north of Cairns) and took a hike in Mossman Gorge at the south end of the Daintree Rainforest. The above photo is on a pier near the marina at Port Douglas. There were a number of good views on the drive up and since we came back on the same road we got to see them twice - but conditions had changed dramatically in those few hours.

Going up.

Coming back.

Port Douglas

Shut up and Fish!

It was spring time in Australia and things were in bloom. They have a tree we never did find out the name of that has an incredible bloom and there were a lot of them.

From Port Douglas we went further north to the rainforest (it seems funny to even type that, North to the Rainforest?). And it totally lived up to its name.

It poured! So we took a 2.6 kilometer walk through the forest, in the rain and were completely soaked. With all those trees and all that vegetation, there were bound to be some interesting ones.

These pics were shot on the 23rd of November in Australia, but they were already getting in the spirit of the coming season and since we are now pretty much there I want to conclude with this shot I got in a little shop in downtown Cairns. There's definitely an Aussie vibe about this look at jolly old St. Nick and the Mrs.


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