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Monday, December 23, 2013

Beautiful but Dangerous

Yesterday was a "stay at home" day. Overnight Saturday the temperature dropped enough that the rain we had been getting since early Friday changed to freezing rain. In the process, it coated everything with a damaging layer of wet, heavy ice. There was no wind, thankfully, or things could have been much worse. As it was, the main sound of the day was the sound of branches breaking, falling and covering the ground with fragments of ice.

The best place to be was definitely inside in a warm and cozy place. But ultimately the splendor of all that shimmering, transparent ice covering everything drew me out with camera in hand to record the very real beauty of another of nature's many faces. Without further comment, I will just post some of the shots I got within yards of the house.

I have to admit I almost didn't bother to go out. I could just imagine all the cameras out there clicking away and didn't see why I should add to the deluge of "ice" shots. Well I'm sure they were and a lot of them have already been appearing on facebook. More ice pictures probably didn't need to be taken. But I'm glad I got off my duff and went out. It's, happily, not all that common an occurrence and it was an undeniably wonderful photo op. And I also almost hate to admit that these are the first pictures I've taken since getting home from our trip - almost three weeks ago. That's just too long to have the cameras sitting idle. They (I) need the exercise and constant practice to keep the eye and the head in shape. 

It's now Monday morning. The temps have drifted back up to above freezing and overnight last night the ice disappeared from the trees. The driveway is still a bit treacherous, but the trees are much less burdened. Rumor has it that we're looking at sub-zero temps before Christmas. Ah, winter in the North Country.

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